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Check up

Tue 17 Apr 2012

Hi all, well I have had my 6 monthly check up today and I am doing good so i am told so thats a bit of good news. The not so good news is that the pain in my shoulder is degenerative arthritis, I will obviously keep battling through the pain for as long as I can play.

I played better on Sunday losing to Barney in the last round, before the tiredness caught up, well played Barney.

Hope you all are very well.

The Menace

A little news

Thu 05 Apr 2012

Hi all it has been a while since I have updated the site so I thought I would share a little information with you.

First of all I would like to give my condolences to the family and friends of Jockey Wilson; he was a great player and character who made darts very popular in the 80’s I know he will be sadly missed by many people.

I am still doing the rounds playing a few tournaments this year but basically picking and choosing the ones I wish to do, I am not finished yet. I missed out in my last tournament in the semi finals to Dennis Smith, he beat me 6-5. If I had beaten him I would have been playing in the final against my old rival Phil Taylor.

I am still available for Charity events and darts exhibitions if you would like to enquire please use the booking form on my contacts page.

I will be playing at the Barnsley Metrodome in April 2012 for the UK Open Qualifers.

Follow me on Twitter

Tue 19 Apr 2011

In the coming weeks we will be holding a monthly competition where you will be able to ask me a question via twitter.

The 10 best questions chosen by myself will then be published on my profile page. Please try and think of something that my other supporters and followers may find interesting.

See you over @ twitter

The Menace

Website finally getting updated

Fri 11 Mar 2011

At last my website is getting updated. Please accept my apologies for the next few days whilst it is undergoing its makeover by Martin at HCS.

We will be back online soon with regular updates and some great new features for you to use. hope to see you soon.


My apologies for the website

Fri 22 Oct 2010

Hi all,

Sorry for not keeping my site updated but I will try harder, I don’t use the computer at all so I have to rely on other people. My son Adam is responsible for the site and he is not as keen as he used to be, he works with computers all day so when he gets home the last thing he wants to do is go back on the computer, any way here is a few bits for you all to read.

My 1st round opponent on Saturday 17th July in the world match play at Blackpool will be against Vincent van der Voort this will be the first time I have ever played darts as a 60 year old as my birthday is on the 16th July. Vincent is probably the quickest player on the professional circuit, but I am afraid he will have to play at my tempo; I am hoping to have a good run if the real Menace turns up.

After the match play I will be going to Germany for the Euro championships it’s a 4 day tournament. In August I am going to Australia to promote darts in 12 wild turkey tournaments “please visit their website for details, this will be in Perth on the 6th and finishing on the gold coast on the 21st August. Whilst I am there I intend to compete in our P.D.P.A competition in Sydney on Sunday 22nd August.

The Weekend after that I will be in London Ontario Canada to defend the tournament I have won on the last 2 occasions. I will then have time to visit my 2 very good friends Peter & Sharon Baskerfield whom live in Ottawa, these have been very close friends since we met back in 1993 we have been in touch every year since.

September sees me in the Shetlands for the very first time this is on September 17th I will be doing a charity night for Jim Rhodes in little lever, this is something I have done for many years.

Internet darts will be starting in September but I am not sure off what day I will be playing as of yet, I don’t intend in playing in Holland on the 18th-19th as I intend to start winding down now that I have become 60 years of age. My mind is still willing but my body tells me differently.

I may be in the Fife Balmullo on September 18th but this hasn’t been confirmed. I also intend to play in a charity competition in honour of Eddie Ellis’s farther in Wokingham on September 24th with my sons Michael, Adam and their friend Trev Jones.

The next day happens to be Ascot races so I expect to make the bookies richer again. October see the start of the Grand Prix at the city west Dublin, whilst ever I am still in the rankings I will compete in all televised Tournaments.

I do hope this enlightens my followers a little more, I will keep on at Adam to put the updates on the website as often as he likes but don’t hold your breath. You all know what kids are like.

The Menace


In the coming weeks I will be holding a monthly competition. The competition will enable you to ask me a question via twitter. The 10 best questions chosen by myself. I will then have the best questions published on my profile page. Please try and think of something that my other supporters and followers may find interesting.


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